The music video of the week is here! This week’s selection is Néoréalité by composer Steve Barakatt. This mesmerizing underwater performance draws you in from the start. The performance is choreographed by Guillaume Michaud, with Emilia Kopcik and Robert Prévost in the leading roles.

Director Francis Bordeleau beautifully captures a couple stuck in a toxic cycle of dragging each other down. They are drowning, being trapped, and gasping for air as there is no escape. Never being able to reach, and stay, above the surface.

Have you already watched the video? What did you feel? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Artist: Steve Barakatt

Production Company: MELANCHOLIA FILMS

Director: Francis Bordeleau

DP: Miguel Henriques

Editor/Art Director: Alex James

Choreographer: Guillaume Michaud

Talent: Emilia Kopcik, Guillaume Michaud, Robert Prévost

Steve Barakatt – Néoreálité via Youtube

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