Interview with Petra Flurr

interview with petra flurr

We had a chat with Petra Flurr, recipient of the Best Queer Act and Best Lo-Fi awards for the video of Terror-ist at the BMVA 2013! He will be back as one of the juries at the upcoming awards.

Were you happy with the media coverage of last year’s BMVA?

I was happy in sense that it was a spontaneous thing  and people were happy with the results.

What else can we do for you or other artists that participate in our competition?

More drinks and more action after-party… maybe with a lot of crazy people.

In the Siegessäule award for the queer community, you won against big bands such as “The Knife”. How do you feel about that? Do you think that low profile artists really do have a chance in our awards compared to other competitions?

We leave it in the hands of the audience; of course, everybody is free enough to choose the winner or not. I like The Knife but I didn’t know that they were queer. I have a strong community behind me who are friends and family. I never go to them and put a knife to their throats and force them to vote. It was just a spontaneous thing and I enjoyed it.

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