Little Big says what we’re all thinking with ‘S*ck My D*ck 2020’


It’s no secret that last year was easily the most catastrophic year of this young century, hence why the Christmas cheer of ‘S*ck My D*ck 2020’ remains infectious long after the holiday season has ended. Thanks to its perfectly hateful goodbye to the year that birthed the global coronavirus pandemic, Australian bushfires, and somehow, many other disasters, ‘S*ck My D*ck 2020’ has been nominated for the 9th edition of the Berlin Music Video Awards in the Best Art Director category. 

Russian powerhouse is back at it again

Little Big are no strangers to the BMVAs! Since their first submission in 2016, the Russian rave group have brought home two nominations, two 3rd place wins, and three 1st place wins, including Best Concept in 2019 for ‘Skibidi’, and two Most Trashy wins for ‘Lolly Bomb’ in 2018 and for ‘Big D*ck’ in 2016. 

little big berlin music video awards

This video sees the whole group in their best Christmas outfits with Cheshire grins as they wave off all the symbols of a really bad year. Such as viral particles as Christmas tree decorations, Christmas jumpers with slogans as unenthused as “Happy New Maybe Next Year”, body parts in stockings, and gifts from Santa full of nasty surprises. Of course, there’s also d*cks – a lot of them. This perverted homely scene is the result of the meticulous work of art director Daria Ukhvatova, who also worked on previous winners ‘Lolly Bomb’ and ‘Go Bananas’. 

Little Big have long been well loved and known for their outrageous style in both music and visuals. From bats served on silver platters to rockets being set off in the living room, ‘S*ck My D*ck 2020’ gives last year the full Little Big treatment. Have Daria Ukhvatova and Little Big done enough to bag themselves another win? Keep up with this year’s edition of the Berlin Music Video Awards to find out!

Little Big – S*ck My D*ck 2020 via Youtube

Author: Eva Earner | Editor: Petra Molnárová