Ladies & gentlemen, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The first set of the Berlin Music Video Awards 2017 nominees is here! Check out what music videos made it to the official selection.

Don’t worry if your video wasn’t listed, there are 12 more announcements to come in the next few months. In total, we will have 122 nominations. If you missed the deadline, there’s still time to submit your music videos and/or add more categories to compete in.

Don’t forget to tag your friends and colleagues! Not only those involved in the making of the video but also those who have their own stuff to submit.

Berlin Music Video Awards 2017 Nominees – Set 1 via Dailymotion


Artist/Song: Massive Attack ft. Ghostpoet – Come Near Me
Label: Virgin EMI Records
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Ed Morris
DoP: Franz Lustig
Editor: Flaura Atkinson

Artist/Song: Gudrun von Laxenburg – Moving Water
Label: Skint Records
Director: Sebastian Mayr
Art Director: Daniel Helmer
DoP: Alexander Dirninger & Anselm Hartmann
Editor: Sebastian Longariva

Artist/Song: Trentemøller – Redefine
Label: In My Room
Production Company: The Woerks
Director: Åsa Riton & Andreas Emenius
Art Director: Alexandra Stroemich
DoP: Sturla Brandth Grøvlen
Editor: Anders Jon

Artist/Song: Klyne – Lend Me Another Name
Label: Because Music
Production Company: Grayskull
Director: Alan Masferrer
Art Director: Ivan Triviño
DoP: Marc Miró
Editor: Lluís Murua

Artist/Song: Carnival Youth – Seagulls on Bicycles
Label: Carnival Youth
Production Company: PapaChi
Director: PapaChi
Art Director: AnaHell
DoP: Jānis Eglītis
Editor: Juris Matuzelis

Artist/Song: Tesla Boy – Nothing
Production Company: French New World, Inc.
Director: Ryan Patrick
Art Director: Kimberly Stuckwisch & Rose Leiker
DoP: Travis LaBella
Editor: Chris Amos

Artist/Song: TOM And His Computer – Organ
Label: In My Room
Production Company: SUPERETTE
Director: Martin Garde Abildgaard
DoP: Mattias Troelstrup
Editor: Nicolaj Monberg

Artist/Song: Son Lux – Cage of Bones
Label: Glassnote Records
Production Company: Bang Bang Club
Director/Art Director/ Editor: JP Frenay
DoP: François Starr

Artist/Song: Noisia – Collider
Label: 20/20 Vision Recordings
Director: Henk Loorbach

Artist/Song: YETI LANE – L’Aurore
Label: Clapping Music / Sonic Cathedral
Production Company: Manuel Cam Studio
Director: Simon Gesrel & Arnaud Viémont