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Ziak’s song ‘Même pas un grincement’’ directed by Bleu Désert is a dystopian masterpiece that will take you on a journey to an alternate reality where men and machines come together. It provides intricate details to the world, and every shot has been carefully crafted to create an atmosphere of suspense and mystery.

Special mention to the VFX team Square, every shot is a new surprise of thrill and continuation to the story. With their work we can peek inside the different mechanisms including guns, cars and motorbikes – not to forget the pregnant woman.

Highly recommend giving it a watch whether you’re a fan of French music or just appreciate great visuals. Despite the fear that machines may take away our unique identity, there is still something special about humans that machines cannot replicate.


Director: Bleu Désert
Production: Ocurens
Exec. producers: Germain Robin & Valentin Petit
DOP: Antoine Cormier
Post production: Monumental
VFX: Square

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