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A new week means new content and we dedicated the first week of March to US production companies! Our TENQ segment focused on European production companies last Sunday, so now we take a look at the great works of America. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Serial Pictures & Anonymous Content: Lady Gaga – John Wayne

Put on your cowboy hat because with our first video, you’re in for a crazy rodeo!

Let’s give it up for Serial Pictures and their collaboration with Anonymous Content. Here is a throwback to the music video ‘John Wayne’ interpreted by Lady Gaga released under Interscope Records. 

This artwork directed by Jonas Akerlund was one of our 2018 Most Bizarre nominees. Forget your classic westerns and hop on a crazy ride, intertwining kitsch with the need for speed. Pak Ekberg is behind the photography and Matt Nee behind the editing, providing us impacting colorful graphics. 

Lady Gaga – John Wayne via Dailymotion

Prettybird US: Valentino Khan – Pump

Spring is slowly making its way towards us, so what would you say about joining us for a party around the pool?  Don’t count on showing yourself in your most natural garment because devilish pixels will come to cover that flesh. 

Here is a production from Pretty Bird US featuring Valentino Khan and his song ‘Pump’, available on Mad Decent. 

Nominated in 2018 for Most Trashy, this video directed by Dori Oskowitz surely succeeds in making fun of the social media regulations that go against nudity. The VFX was orchestrated by Mathematic, feating with the PUMPing beat and playing with the boundaries of body censorship. 

Cinematographer – Jackson Hunt | Creative Director – Charlie Twaddle

Valentino Khan – Pump via Dailymotion

Anthem Films: Wolfie’s Just Fine – A New Beginning

Parental advisory is not a joke kiddos. Sometimes imagination is so powerful you can’t even make the difference between reality and fiction.

That’s the take of Jon Lajoie aka Wolfie’s Just Fine. He created the video for his song ‘A New Beginning’ which was nominated in 2017 for Best Narrative. The images accurately depict the dark lyrics of the songwriter who also wears the hat of the director and editor on this one. With the help of his crew represented by: DoP – Wojciech Kielar | Art Director – Jake Solano | DIT and Assistant Editor – Andrew Wilsak 

Wolfie’s Just Fine – A New Beginning via Dailymotion

Freenjoy: Travis Scott – Highest in the Room

In order to wrap up our US production, here’s a little throwback in a fog of smoke from the company Freenjoy. 

In case you’ve ever dreamt of seeing what the interior of a mouth looked like, this is your chance with ‘Highest in the Room’ by Travis Scott | Epic Records.

Best VFX nominee from 2020, the breathtaking visuals are the creation of Ingenuity VFX. Between surreal and human faces, get ready to take your mind on a dreamlike journey directed by Dave Meyers. No need for substances to access different levels of reality.

DOP – Scott Cunningham | Editor – Alyssa Oh | Animator – Ingenuity | Art Director – Freyja Bardell

Travis Scott – Highest in the Room via Dailymotion

And that’s a wrap on our US production companies. In case you didn’t know, we are getting pretty close to the final deadline. March 15 is the day, so don’t miss it and submit your works!

Author: Mélissa Fondeur | Editor: Petra Molnárová