New week, new music video. We introduce to you this week’s music video choice. The majority of you elected the song “US” by Nother and Moon Leap, which was directed by Marco Santi. 

Marco Santi is an award winning director from Italy working in film, music and advertising. His film, ‘’Clara’’, won six prizes at the international festival, 48FILM Project.

It is a bass-heavy ballad, driven by an uneven beating synth, matched with stunningly cinematic video. We believe in showing freedom in dance, and pushing yourself beyond your own limits. There’s no need to be a dancer to dance; you just have to enjoy your worries and “set yourself on fire when there’s nothing left to burn”, as Moon Leap sings in the song.


Directed and filmed by Marco Santi

Artists: Nother, Moon Leap

Producer: Chiara Vallo

Produced by Illmatic Film Group

Executive Producer: Jacopo Pica

Starring: Dino Porzio, Antonino Porzio, Angela Di Domenico

MVOTW is a weekly segment where we highlight videos submitted to us – they don’t determine the festival’s selection yet.

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