Music Video of the Week is back! This week on the stage we have “Aesthetic Perfection – Summer Goth” 

This video is sure to put a smile on every goth-like creature that shares love for the sunny sunny summer. Beach activities take a twist in the hand of the beach babes “Cryptcreepers”. Boney badminton, bloody sunblock and razorblade showers. 

The artist behind Aesthetic Perfection describes the song as a combination of “Top 40 pop with industrial and Scandinavian black metal”. Aesthetic Perfection is a musical project that falls under the industrial and dark electronic genres. It was founded by Daniel Graves, an American musician, and producer. The project’s music is characterized by its blend of electronic beats, aggressive synths, and dark, introspective lyrics. 

The video is directed by the one and only Zoran Bihac! Zoran is no stranger to the BMVA – He has been nominated for videos he directed for Till Lindemann and once upon a time he has also been in the position of judge at the awards. 


Artist: @thisisaestheticperfection
Director: @zoranbihac

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