Flying goats and strange creatures in boxes

Our Music Video of the Week is a breath of fresh air: “az” by Superparka, directed by Pablo Padovani and produced by MIREILLE.

The French director Pablo Padovani has made clever choices with the video. It manages to be sense-tickling and intriguing while remaining humble with perhaps even a dash of comedy. What a mix! The watching experience might drag you into deep waters but have no fear, the ending picks you right back afloat.

Production company Mireille is oozing with vibrant energy and passion for life. They take their craft seriously while maintaining that lovely twink in the corner of the eye!

For BTS material of the shoot you can for example follow this link: @superparka

Directed by Pablo Padovani
Produced by Mireille
Producer – Emile Olagne
Producer – Léo Burgat
Production coordinator – Lisa Aboucaya
DOP – Maxime Berger
1st AC – Vincent Duverger
Puppet construction – Audrey Veyrac
Puppet manipulator – Blue Montagne
Box construction – Antoine Gautron (Sudside)
Stylist – Constance Tabourga
Service Production Morrocco – African Fixer
Producer – Durand Le Sueur
Producer – Karim El Amri
Unit manager – Ahmed Lamkealal
Gaffer – Morad Abdechafik
Key grip – Youssef Amjjoud
Editor – Gwen Ghelid
3D – Sandro Berroy
3D – Seugnhyun Park
Colorist – Sylvain Canaux
Suppliers – Cinéloc, Gump, Hiventy, Kafard Films, RVZ, Rubini.

“A massive thank you to Philippe Guillemain (RVZ) for his support, to Charlotte Bresson (Apicorp) and to the people of Merzouga for their invaluable help (Lucy the goat, Hassan, Mohad and all the others). With the support of Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée. “

Written, recorded & produced by superparka
Mix by Harrry
Master by Chab

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