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Our Music Video of the Week is “QUER DANÇAR” by PRISCILLA, featuring Bonde Do Tigrão. Produced by MYMAMA ENTERTAINMENT and directed by Aline Lata.

It’s director Aline Lata’s debut in the pop music video realm, and boy, does it make an entrance. Set in a dynamic studio environment, the video captivates viewers from beginning to end. Showcasing meticulous brilliance in art direction, costume design, and the infectious choreography – it’s a testament to the team’s dedication and creativity.

“QUER DANÇAR” is akin to a prowling tiger – seductive, explosive, and dopamine-inducing. As a viewer, you can practically feel the tension building, culminating in an exhilarating release.

Make sure to watch the full video – it’s our official recommendation. 



Director: Aline Lata
Creative Director: Miguel Mello
Producers: André Pinho, Mayra Faour Auad, Gabrielle Auad
Executive Producer: João da Terra
Executive Producer: Pati Caldas
Head of New Business: Roger Garcia
Project Manager: Silvia Neri
JR. Project Manager: Rafael de Paula
Script: Priscilla, Miguel Mello, Aline Lata
Choreography and Movement Director: Gabb Cabo Verde
Director of Photography: Érico Toscano
Art Direction: Hugo Tex
Beauty: Gabriel Gomez
Styling: Guilherme Alef
Editor: Aaron Saiki
Production Director: Latino Melo
Assistant Coordinator / 2nd Assistant Director: Juci Santos
Production Assistant: Érica Martorano
PRISCILLA Personal Assistant: Stephany Nascimento

1st Assistant Director: Raquel Reis
1st Camera Assistant: Caio Freitas
2nd Camera Assistant: Roger Fernandes
Video assistant: Débora Vieira
Head of Electrical: Barbara Lopes
1st Electrical Assistant: Jaime Trindade
2nd Electrical Assistant: Henrique, Junior Silva
Head of Machinery: Gerlando Santos
Machinery Assistant: Guilherme Menegotto (Menega)
2nd Assistant Machinist: Felipe Carvalho, Arnaldo Cardozo Neto (Dudy)
Stage manager: Evandro Lima
Stage manager: Daniel Dias
Set Assistants: Gustavo Miranda, Guilherme Miranda, Crispim Bispo, Gilberto Gomes
Object Producer: Pipo Leider
Costume Assistant: Fedra, Guilherme Higashizima, Edna Mesquita
Beauty assistant: Jhonny Braz, Yanke
Dancers: Johnny Baroli, Warteiro, Niltolas, Vinil Moderno
Creative research: Cami Eiró
Post-Production Coordination: Fezão Barbieri
Finalisation: Raphael Tarso, Diogo Beber
Finishing Assistant: Vitor Torres
Colour: Erick Moraes
Graphic Designer: Gabe Lima
Still Photography: Marcus Sabah
Photo Assistant: Erick Diniz
Treatment: Victow Wagner
Acknowledgements: No Tiltle
Support: Locall, Marc Filmes

Authors: PRISCILLA, Carlos Bezerra, Leandro
Cerol Na Mão – quote: Banha, DJ Alex, Marcão
O Baile Todo – sample: Anslem Douglas, Ossie Gurley

Authors: PRISCILLA, Carlos Bezerra, Leandro
Cerol Na Mão – quote: Banha, DJ Alex, Marcão
O Baile Todo – sample: Anslem Douglas, Ossie Gurley

Performers: PRISCILLA, Leandrinho (Bonde do Tigrão)
Music production: PRISCILLA, Bezebra
Executive producer: Stephany Nascimento
Recording engineers: Bezebra, Dani Mariano
Mix engineer: Luciano Scalercio
Immersive MIX engineer: João Milliet, Dani Mariano
Mastering Engineer: Arthur Luna
Vocal Production: PRISCILLA
Vocal Design: Bezebra, FRANCCI
Synthesizers : Bezebra
Bass Programmer : Bezebra
Drum Programming : Bezebra

President: Paulo Junqueiro

Vice-President A&R: Bruno Batista
A&R Manager: Karina Lotfi
A&R Analyst: Clara Egues
Audiovisual A&R: Luna Berbert
Audiovisual A&R Analyst: Luiza Catalani

Vice-President of Marketing and Promotion: Cristiane Simões
Marketing Manager: Rodrigo Camelo Batista
Marketing Coordinator: Mariana Borges
Marketing Analyst: Guilherme Cruz

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