And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

We present the nominees of BEST LOW BUDGET! 

This selection is proof that you don’t need a large budget to create truly astonishing pieces. Every Berliner holds this category particularly close to heart, with our rich culture of turning dust to gold. Long live the DIY spirit!

We can’t wait to meet you all from June 12th to 14th at the Gretchen Club. Everyone is going to be there, so block the dates!

CREDITS (in order of appearance):

KNARS – Keep Running @knarsmusic
Production: M Holtslag @tinusholtslag_hollie
Director: M Holtslag @tinusholtslag_hollie

Will Silver – Maybe It s Not Our Time Yet @willlsilver
Production: Fleur Adderley @fleurconstancea
Director: @fleurconstancea

Bambie Thug – Tsunami @bambiethug
Director: Vakul Film @vakul_film
Director: @fleurconstancea

Zulu – Hooligan Break @7oulou
Label: Association fatale  @association_fatale
Production: MILES @miles.films
Director: Gil Gharbi @gil.ghbi

Santana Sexmachine – X-Ray @santanasexmachine
Production: David Vitry Ferreira @kinkybanana
Director: David Vitry Ferreira @kinkybanana

The Armo – ROCKSTAR @armothename
Label: Kitsch Music @kitsch.music044
Production: ZORESLAV @zoreslavjartsev
Director: Dzhigiris Valery

aLex vs aLex – see me 4 the first time @sofiainsua
Production: Jenzar Films @jenn.zar
Director: Ana Vardi @anavardi

Sabrina Bellaouel – Period Point Blank @sabrinabellaouel
Label: InFiné Music @infinemusic
Production: @pelicanparis
Director: Olive Gogué-Meunier & Jason Mougamadou Abdullah @augureaugure

Panterah – Discover @panterahhhhh
Production: Katey Meyer @motorcyclemary
Director: Aliya Haq @aliyahaq

Svoya – House of pleasures @svoyaofficial
Production: Nikita Prokofyev @doprokofyev
Director: Maria Pronin @barkobulka

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