A music video wouldn’t exist without music in the first place, right? So let’s welcome the nominees for a very special category,  BEST SONG!

For us, it’s important to feature a variety of music genres, as well as musicians from all around the world. Although the visual standards in this category were also particularly high, we want to celebrate these songs that stood out to us for their excellence. 

So let’s give it up for the musicians!

CREDITS (in order of appearance):

Transviolet – This Is The Feeling @transviolet
Director / DoP: Skyler Bocciolatt @skylerbocciolatt
Editor: Erin Nydick @erinjnydick

Anna Petrash – Asfaltovy sensy @annapetrashmusic
Director / Editor: Anna Petrash @annapetrashmusic
DoP: Kateryna Kyrtoka @katyakirtoka

The Veronicas – Perfect @theveronicasmusic
Label: Bond Empires @bondempires
Director: Bradley Murnane @bradleymurnane
DoP: Billy Zammit @billyzammit
Editor: Andrew Edward P. @andrewedwardd

GENNRE – Wynona @gennre_music
Label: Soupire Records ds @soupire_records
Director: Phantom Directors, Etienne Baret
DoP: Tom Escarmelle @tom.escarmelle

Supermodel – Push
Production: Matouš Marcinko, Emile Rafael @palmeerek @helloemile
Director: Emile Rafael @helloemile
DoP: Michal Babinec @michalbabinec
Animation: AGILE STUDIO @agile_studio

Bigott – Painting colors @bigott
Director: @clariiiin

Laake – Electricity @laake_music
Label: SOMAA
Director: Ludovic Verwaerde @ludovicverwaerde
DoP: Julie Chevailler @jchevailler

Vendela – Komodo @ugh.vendela
Production: More Maria
Director: Raquel Sousa @theraquelsousa
DoP: Jackson Hunt @jacksonhnt
Editor: Francisco Faria

Thunder Bae – Dance of broken Hearts @thunderbae___
Director: Agnieszka Oginski @ninisia 
DoP: Montell Taraschewski @montell____
Editor: Agnieszka Oginski @ninisia

Chinese Robots – Ladies are Gone @chinese.robots
Production: Fil&M production @fil_et_m
Director: Germain Lalot @germain_lalot

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