Artist: NAMEWEE @nameweephoto
Director: FANG-HAO @yoefun 
Production: OVERSPEEDFILM @overspeedfilm

If you haven’t yet gotten into the Halloween spirit, our Music Video of the Week might just set the eerie mood for you! We’re talking about “Foggy Night” by Namewee, directed by the talented “hip hop music video director” @yoefun. Please check out his other work, and follow him on Instagram!

The song is about unsolved mysterious cases, and this theme carries over into the video. In one scene, a room is filled with pictures of victims from the aforesaid cases. The video features “folklore and custom elements” along with the presence of a traditional Mongolian bowed stringed instrument known as the morin khuur.

“Foggy Night” is gifting us a sort of neo-noir aesthetic with the color palette, atmosphere and overall mood. Its maximalist set design and dynamic editing style, together with the track, convey a sense of urgency. The video is loaded with beautiful patterns, objects and symbols, each frame contributing to the visual narrative. Impressively, it manages to evoke both aggression and serenity simultaneously.

The film was shot in Tainan, Taiwan’s oldest city. Namewee, the artist, has mentioned that the city provided them with the perfect gloomy energy and locations to bring their vision to life.

The video ends in a beautiful closing shot that wraps the story up, leaving you processing what you just saw.

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