What would the world be like if our apps became material worlds around us?

 From Trump to sky-scraping dildos, this week’s selection for ‘Music Video of the Week’ takes us on a surrealist journey through our phone data in form of cities and giant amusement parks. 

As a continuation of his previous works, Director Ludovic Houplain’s collaboration with French electronic artist MIRWAIS rematerialized all the dematerialized flows that we have on our phones. In the video a surprising backward tracking shot takes us through a highway full of symbols of different parts of today’s society. We cross seven worlds of the most consulted data on the internet such as politics, sports, finance and sex that seem to turn more and more apocalyptic. Check out for yourself as we’re sure you won’t be able to take your eyes off of this one.


Artist: Mirwais

Label: naïve, Virgin Records, EMI Group

Production: Les Productions 50/50 and H5

Director: Ludovic Houplain

Art and VFX: Vincent Dupuis, Charles Tesniere

The MVOTW is back! MVOTW is a weekly segment where we highlight videos already submitted – they don’t determine the festival’s selection yet. Tune in to our Instagram story every Wednesday to pick next week’s selected video!

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