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In today’s MVOTW we are taking a sightseeing trip to New Zealand with a little spacetime twist. The music video for “With Me” is a collaboration of two minds: audio-visual artist Max Cooper and artist/designer Michael McAfee. (and the  most beautiful vocals by Kathrin deBoer)

Max Cooper: “I started chatting video ideas with Michael McAffee and we decided to present the themes visually as us spending time with some otherworldly entities, usually invisible, living alongside us, but now revealed.”

The first half of the video with the handheld camera vibe makes it feel like one of those UFO sighting videos. Towards the end it goes full apeshit with the artifacts and layers. A beautiful orderly chaos that provides a visual exploration of the unknown. The entities and video are the work of Michael McAfee: “It seemed appropriate for the visual style of the creatures I design and it allowed me to experiment with compositing my creatures into live action footage.”

Max Cooper has kept reappearing in our network throughout the years. In 2022 our jury voted his video “Repetition” to the first spot in our Best Experimental category. With his work he is exploring “the intersection of music, art and science through interdisciplinary creative collaborations that blur lines between art, mathematics, film, choreography, sciences, architecture, psychology and spirituality.” 

The artists are transparent with their work and sharing their insights with the community: Curious minds can find more info about the project for example on the youtube description or from who has even shared 3D project files on his website!

Will “With Me” be nominated this year? Time will tell!


Music: Max Cooper @maxcoopermax ft. @kathrindeboer
Video / Motion / 3D Design: Michael McAfee @maxcoopermax
Label: Mesh @meshmeshmesh_

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