Do you have a moment to talk about “Wynona” by GENNRE? They just released the music video, directed by Phantom & Etienne Baret. It’s our selection for Music Video of the Week!

GENNRE is a musical and visual project founded by @etiennebaret with @annamxchv @pti_bisou. Wynona seems to be their first release, and it is a banger.

The strength in the piece lies in the locations, bizarre scenes and the social realism and visual stylization. The interactions seem dry in a fascinating way – as of an auteur film. It has an atmosphere of firm presence – which is magical to watch and experience.

We are excited to see what GENNRE comes up with next in their journey. In the meantime – let’s hold on to our seats and see if they get nominated! You still have a few days to submit your music videos as the deadline has been extended until March 12th, which is next Tuesday! 

Thank you for the piece!


Director: Phantom x Etienne Baret

Production: Tazar Producer: Camille Razat
Label: Soupire Records
Artistic Direction: Atlanta

Director of Photography: Tom Escarmelle
1st Camera Assistant: Laurence Heintz
2nd Camera Assistant: Mathieu Mouchel
Production Director: Victoria Illand Gaffer: Théo L’Haridon
Assistant Gaffer: Blanche Serrour
Sound Engineer: Adriano Cerone
Preparation for Filming: Etienne Baret, Maxime Martin General
Manager: Hugo David
Coordinator/Assistant Manager: Mallaurie Gauthier
Make-Up: Stella Valliccioni
Styling: Lucille Betrancourt, Oriane Gumuschian, Camille Razat
Pyrotechnician: Cyrille Delaleau
Chief Property Master: Jany Kasmi
Assistant Property Master: Clémence Davigo
Construction Support: Valentin Boibessot
Set Photographer: Anna Marx
Catering: Marie Michel
Editing: Sam Markusson
Color Grading: Douglas Dutton
Mixing and Sound Post-production: Augustin Bretillard, Wild Times Studios Conformation: Sam Markusson

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