mvotw bicep saku

For this Friday’s Music Video of the Week, we wanted to make things a bit trickier for you by choosing between two artworks from the same artist! So, your champion for this week is the Irish electronic duo: Bicep – Saku featuring Clara La San!

The single is out on their sophomore album ‘Isles’ released a month ago under Ninja Tune records.

Put your seatbelts on because your head will move in every direction. With this video, director David Bertram hypnotizes our eyes by taking us on a never-ending chase. Just like the main character, your mind will become a prisoner of that circular staircase. Nightmare or metaphor for the cycle of life, check out the full video to shape your own opinion!

Bicep – Saku featuring Clara La San via Youtube

Shout out to the whole video crew: Cinematographer – Pat Aldinger | Editor – Sophie Fourdrinoy | Colorist – Emiliano Serantoni | VFX Supervisor – Alexis Baillia | Production company – Diplomats | Executive Producer – PE Sigwalt)

David Bertram

Data – Don’t Sing, Wassailer – Son; Song for Elsa – those are the works of David! In 2015, he received the Young Directors Awards in Cannes. The talented director is a part of the French production company Diplomats.


Creative production company based in Paris, France has many talents under its roof! Just to name a few: Diana Kunst, Lou Escobar, Niclas Larsson, Truman & Cooper and of course, David Bertram.

Music Video of the Week is a segment where we have the opportunity to highlight new music videos submitted to us, even before all of the official nominations are known. Even though we’ve already announced the first set of nominees, you can still submit your video until the 15th of March! Better late than never, right?