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This week, we went back in time to talk about Best Experimental videos which made it to our official selection in the past years. Whether it’s in the sound or visuals, we’re here for it! Our Best Experimental category praises art that is unconventional in every way. Abstract and avant-garde elements are what makes this category most certainly special. So, let’s check them out!

Son Lux – Cage of Bones

Firstly, we have our 2017 winner, the dark electro-pop video ‘Cage of Bones’ from band Son Lux, out on Glassnote Records.

Leave reason and objectivity aside and open your minds. This production directed and edited by JP Frenay raises the question of how one is controlled or in control of himself. Between artificiality and a cage-like silhouette, can we really be masters of our bodies?

The video was made with the collaboration of Production Company Black Lodge, DOP François Starr, and Prodigious is behind the great VFX.

Son Lux – Cage of Bones via Dailymotion

Les Hommes – Queen Fez

Can you hear the groovy congas? Let your body vibe to the rhythm of Les Hommes’ tune ‘Queen Fez’! This piece received a nomination for the Best Experimental category back in 2017.

Lucy Dyson is behind the fantastic animated collage that will turn your brain upside down! She surely doesn’t hesitate to experiment with various elements to form new meanings. Her work succeeds in creating mini universes that will take you on a magic trip with simple, yet efficient visuals.

This track was released for their album ‘The Sinner’, on the label Sudden Hunger Records.

Les Hommes – Queen Fez via Dailymotion

Belief Defect – Unnatural Instinct

Next up, we have the 2018 nominee ‘Unnatural Instinct’ by Belief Defect, released on Raster.

Fall through the vortex of imagination and follow us into a gloomy forest of symbols. This cooperation between directors Piero Fragola and Giampaglia Matteo shows how one can play with textures and give a twist to the impressionistic brush stroke.

Let yourself be immersed in this black and white, almost alive, painting.

Belief Defect – Unnatural Instinct via Dailymotion

Zoë Mc Pherson – Inouï (and free)

Finally, let’s experiment musically and visually one more time!

Zoë Mc Pherson is closing our Best Experimental past nominees selection with her ‘Inouï (and free)’ music video. This 2018 experimental category winner brings us a fusion of the traditional and futuristic elements. In other words, throat singing and tribal beats typical for the Inuit culture mingle with modern techno and electronic sounds.

The spine-tingling audio is complemented by beguiling visuals animated by Andreas Barden. Strings are a major theme of not only this music video but also of Zoë’s audiovisual album ‘String Figures’! Alessandra Leone is the one pulling all the directing strings and as the DoP, we have Julian Moser.
Label: SVS Records

Zoë Mc Pherson – Inouï (and free) via Dailymotion

You know how much we like countdowns. So, naturally, we need to let you know that there are only two days to go to the late deadline! In case these works of art inspired you, don’t hesitate and send your videos now.