Call for submissions – hunting season has begun!

Call for submissions 2016 hunting season has begun

We officially start accepting your videos for 2016 from the 1st of September. That means that the call for submissions will be soon open! This year, we guarantee better prizes for the category winners and the final winner will receive not 1, not 2, but €3000 in cash!

What’s more, this year, 3 nominees will get a golden pass to the finals! Yes, yes, you heard it right. That means that even if a video is not a category winner, you might find it in the finals running for the big prize. Why? Because every year we feel that some videos are awesome, even if they don’t get to be the best at their category. So, we want to give them another chance to shine! 

As always, it’s better to send us your videos early since we like to give them the maximum attention and time.
Stay tuned on our social media! We have much more news to come.

Before we embark on another delicious music video roller coaster, we would like to remind you how the entire event looked like:

Berlin Music Video Awards 2015 Highlights via Dailymotion

Interviews by: Carmen Talavera Armero, Deborah Di Nauta, Maxwell Duryea
Camera: Cyril Haas, Nicolas Belhomme, Sarah Hughes, Julia Patey, Bojan Marelja
Production: Katalina Bonilla, Laureen Bolton
Edit: Flóra Zsemlye
Music: Donkong – Jaws, Steril – Erstschlag, Robot Koch Ft. Born in flamez and Curtain Blue – Let me

Keep your eye on the call for submissions and get your music videos ready!