Yetundey to host the 2019‘s Berlin Music Video Awards!

yetundey host berlin music video awards

Meet Yetundey, female rapper, singer and songwriter, born in East Germany with French and Nigerian heritage, that is setting Berlin‘s Hip Hop scene on fire with her music.

Yetundey is set to host the 2nd day of 2019‘s BMVAs!

About Yetundey

Yetundey is a 22-year-old trilingual female rapper, singer and songwriter. She was born and raised in East Germany but with a French and Nigerian heritage. Yetundey has always been involved with the performing arts and spent her childhood on stage.

Hip-hop turned out to have the biggest impact on her future. Yetundey has been majorly influenced by the urban dance scene. She travelled through Europe to compete in freestyle battles, performed in street shows. That helped her discover the true nature and core values of hip hop, such as to respect the roots and community, exchange, sharing is caring, and to educate the next generation!

The young artist shares her experiences and perceptions with humour and sass. Her multi-cultural heritage shines through both her music and her performances.

She released her debut EP ‘See No Evil’ on January 25, 2018. INDIEBERLIN.DE described it as “a surprising and absorbing output that you’ll want to rewind and replay as soon as it ends (and not just to try to better decipher her rapid-fire lyrics).”

Yetundey has since released a few singles Tropical StormWelcome to the JungleMoney, and her latest one Haunted House.