We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Music Traveler for this edition of our festival!  

With Music traveler you can discover the perfect place to make music.🎵 Book studios, venues, practice rooms, etc. around the world – It’s all just a click away! Head over to their page to read more about them, and look forward to seeing more content on our social media and website!

In honor of our new partnership, we asked the folks over at Music traveler a few questions. Read them below:

Why did you choose to partner with the BMVA?

Berlin Music Video Awards encourages people to be creative on many different levels. Our aim with Music Traveler is the same thing. 

We want to let creativity into people’s lives by providing the venues to record and film but also a platform to show your videos. Hopefully, also some award-winning videos from the “Berlin Music Video Awards”.

Where is Music Traveler’s focus this year? will promote all the wonderful music venues available on the platform and entice more people to add venues and book venues.

Additionally, our streaming platform aims to add more content from creators and artists in the music business. It is open to anyone!

What is a good music video in your opinion?

Most good videos tell some sort of a story. Whether it is following the musical content or a story outside of the music, it is that which catches people’s attention and emotions.

At the same time, the visualization, the view of the director, and the “look” of it are essential. Ultimately it is a fine balance of story, look, location and content. And above all the music has to be strong, of course!


We are overjoyed about this partnership, and are looking forward to collaborating over the next couple of months!

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