Drum roll, please!

Today, we announce the nominees of a fascinating category: the BEST EXPERIMENTAL

Watch our nominees compilation, lose yourself in the abstract concepts and unconventional production techniques of visual expression

Do you want to come to Berlin and get the chance to meet all our nominees? Then don’t forget the dates of our festival: from the 14th to the 17th of June in our beloved city of Berlin!

CREDITS (in order of appearance)

“Ruins” – Franky Gogo 
Production Company: PREMIER CRI
Director: Lola Margrain

“You Know What I Need” – Pnau, Troye Sivan
Label: Etcetc 
Production Company: Melt Immersive
Director: Kuba Matyka & Kamila Staszczyszyn

“Black Box” – Ola Jacob Nestande & Röyksopp
Label: Pias Recording
Production Company: Bacon Production
Director: Ola Jacob Nestande

“Totem” – Iñigo Montoya
Director: Zeugl

“Circle” – Raven Bush
Production Company: Landia Mexico / Jacob Jonas The Company
Director: Phillip Kaminiak

“Morning In The Jungle” – Black Flower (Ft. Meskerem Mees)
Label: Sdban Records 
Director: Victor Van Rossem

“Antifragilna” – Pi 
Label: Pdv Records
Producer: Marta Stražičić

“Ich” – Mahendra 
Label: Raufaser Musikgruppe
Directors: Shlomy X Morchi

“Act One” – Brandt Brauer Frick (Ft. Mykki Blanco) 
Label: Because Music
Production Company: Vertigo Berlin
Director: Tv Store & Daniel Brandt

“Immersion” – Sevphoe 
Production Company: Moon Films
Director: Piotrek Matejkowski

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