A music video wouldn’t exist without music in the first place, right? So let’s welcome our ten nominees for the BEST SONG category!

For us, it’s important to feature a variety of music genres, as well as musicians from all around the world.

Watch our compilation to get a sneak peek of the nominees, watch the full-length video and find some new favorite tunes!

Do you want to meet all the talented nominees? Then come to our festival from the 14th to the 17th of June. Welcome to Berlin!

Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

CREDITS (in order of appearance)

“De Carolina” – Rauw Alejandro (Ft. Dj Playero)
Label: Sony Music Latin
Producers: Rocio Taboada, Nasha Santiago
Director: Martin Seipel

“Without You” – Regine Garnier (Ft Skales)
Label: Garnier Entertainment
Production Company: Ifx
Director: Jonathan Azu Marcus

“Zoo” – Black Prez 
Label: Presidential Records
Production Company: Barbasauce
Director: Jeremy Pape

“Yuck.” – Jay Samuelz 
Producers: Judy Mai & Khoi Chau
Directors: Jay Samuelz & Khoi Chau

“So Hard To Tell” – Debby Friday
Label: Sub Pop Records
Producers: Debby Friday And Graham Walsh
Director: Kevun Funk, Debby Friday

“Nails” – Noga Erez
Label: City Slang
Production Company: Badass + Raconteur / Marta Berens 
Director: Indy Hait

“Episode 2: Dirac Sea” – Neoshin  
Director: Sebastian Selg

“Clean” – Uni And The Urchins
Label: Chimera Music
Producer & Director: Charlotte Kemp Muhl

“Star” – Your Angel 
Producer/Director: Madeline Leary

“Mystery” – Neil Baselo
Label: Profil De Face
Production Company: Arthur Morel
Director: Thomas Kelly

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