Samurai SLT feat. Gee Baller – WEBCUM | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

Let’s explore the world of stop motion in this week’s Music Video Of The Week!

Directed by Yegor Lymarev, the music video for “WEBCUM” by Samurai SLT feat. Gee Baller is in the spotlight.

The main focus is on @abigail_heartless, who takes on the role of a webcam model. Interestingly, her fan, dealing with substance abuse, is situated just on the other side of the wall. 

The video impresses with its meticulous attention to detail, highlighting the contrasting lives of the two characters through well-crafted sets.

Great job to the whole team!

Art-director, animator: @andrew.repas
Director, animator: @yegorlymarev
DoP: @vadimgalakt
Screenwriter @bymakendrick
Color Grading: @rbokeevcolors
Actress: @abigail_heartless
Produced by: @asya_bublikova, @vladinlight

MVOTW is a weekly segment where we highlight videos that have been submitted to us – they don’t determine the festival’s selection yet.You can also be featured on MVOTW! To find out how, click here!

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