Director @yalfarreras worked on Polvo de reptil by Arba Spak & Ruiz Gonzalez. Take a look at how she reimagined the piece!

Santa has a quiet life far away from the city, where she takes care of her animals and herself. She used to be a “curandera” and a “huaquera”. Once in a while she develops an obsession with a new creature. So she makes her own ritual, remembering her past life and mixing ancestral magic knowledge from the Sican culture to bring her companions to life in her new reality.

@yalfarreras tells in her directors statement: The creative process that inspired the “Polvo de Reptil” music video started with a trip to Ferreñafe, Lambayeque, at the north of Perú. This music video was filmed in two days reuniting a small crew of 5 people.The director: Yal Farreras and the producer: Roy Muroya traveled from Lima. The rest of the crew, including the actress: Mary Jimenez, were locals. 

“Working with Mary Jimenez was such a joyful experience. She brought to the character the realness and the genuineness that makes you love it.”

The team succeeded to bring out a magical feeling through the screen on this reinterpretation of Santos Vera and rituals from Sican culture. Filming lasted 2 days with minimal equipment in the Lambayeque region between the towns of La Zaranda and Tambo Real.


Director: Yal Farreras @yalfarreras
Acting: Mary Jimenez @jimenezpardomary
General Production: Roy Muroya @roymuroya
Colour: Wawin @wawin

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