«If I Didn’t Love You» – Ben Abraham | Music Video of the Week

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«If I Didn’t Love You» – Ben Abraham | Music Video of the Week

In winter we all are a little bit more sensitive to something or someone who can warm up us with their brightness and support. Therefore we are here to announce our new Music Video of the Week winner – it’s Ben Abrahan and his music video «If I didn’t like you».

Ben and his team have managed to make not just a ballad song about a man in love but combine it with humor and even horror. First, they brake the wall between music and action scenes to create an unexpected twister in the story. And then even create a new one between music video action in common and viewers by place us to observe everything happening from the outside.

From the beginning till the last minute very creative realization of rather a groundbreaking idea. During all video, it plays on the edge of opposite emotions and genre, which for sure makes it more unique.

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Director: Jillian Bell
Production Company: Exit Twelve
Producers: Kristen Brancaccio, Brandon Dermer
Cinematographer: Wojciech Kielar
Editor: Andrew Wilsak
Colorist: Ryan K. McNeal, RKM Studios

MVOTW is a weekly segment where we highlight videos submitted to us – they don’t determine the festival’s selection yet.

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