Today we encourage you to grab your paint brush and dip it in all the colors in your palette, hopefully in the tune of our Tuesday Tune selection “Painting Colors” by Bigott.

The song is impressive in its authentic, post punk spirit and DIY feel. “Painting Colors” is produced by Izak Arida, and the team recorded in Bigott’s rehearsal room, which feels like an amplifying effect to the good vibe. Bigott has paved a way in the Spanish indie scene, and it definitely sounds like an artist that you want to hear and experience live. 

The accompanying music video is a powerful stop motion work made out of 1500 individual charcoal drawings. The piece is made by the band’s bass player Clarin, please do check the full video down below.



Producer: @izak.jr
Artist: @bigott 
Video: @clariiiin

Tuesday Tune

“Tuesday Tune,” our new series highlighting the musicians behind the submitted videos. Want your music to be featured? Submit your video officially for a chance to shine! Our team is specifically targeting videos submitted to the “Best Song” category and videos submitted by the musicians themselves. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the spotlight!

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