Berlin Music Video Awards | Live shows highlights

How phenomenal was Berlin Music Video Awards 2022? 

This tenth edition of our festival wouldn’t have been the same without the incredible performers.

Please take a peek at some of the most impressive live performances we captured during the festival. 

Thanks to all the amazing artists who made #BerlinMVA 2022 a complete success:

Diana Ezerex & Mondëna Quartet, Katrin Gajndr, Sivan Laor, Ain TheMachine, Ducks!, ÄTNA,  Sedric Perry, Baris Safari, AE, Derek Marin, DJ Louko, Irys, BÖSE FUCHS & SLY, Calmdown, Tony and Mesh, Parma Ham, Louis Fleischauer, Ari Denaro, The Shredder, Lord Maniac, Toya Delazy, RaiNao, Glashus, O/HIOH, Katinka Sounds of Sado Opera, Replay M., L.O.M.

Don’t miss out on the possibility of being nominated and performing during our festival in Berlin. We usually prioritize requests to perform from the nominees.

Submit your video here.

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