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After a month break, our beloved segment Music Video of the Week is back! As usual, people had 24 hours to vote for their preferred video and this week belongs to Allison Ponthier – Cowboy!

Allison looks stunning in her blue skin and the video for her track ‘Cowboy’ released on Interscope Records. In fact, this music video is part of our Silver Screenings selection! Get ready for an interesting plot in which Once Upon a Time in the West meets Mars Attack! The director behind this piece is Jordan Bahat who captured the singer’s transformation into an alien. Located in a convincing American Wild West set, the overall project was produced by Golden LA studio.

Well done to their crew! Costume design: Chloe and Chenelle, production designer: Liam Moore, DoP: Michael Gioulakis, editor: Stacy Peterson, color grading: Michael Hatzer, executive producer: Geoff McLean, Jeff Geasey.

Allison Ponthier – Cowboy via Youtube

Check out the behind the scenes of ‘Cowboy’ music video HERE.

Golden LA

We are tired of labels so we wear none” is a motto of a studio based in a sunny California, Golden LA! Being home to numerous directors, designers and visual effects artists, Golden LA is all about innovation and experience. Among their directors, you will find names such as Ben Conrad, Abbie Stephens, Wolfberg or also the director of ‘Cowboy’ – Jordan Bahat. This studio has put its mark on some incredible music videos, including ‘That’s What I Like‘ by Bruno Mars! Go check out their official website, where you’ll come across cool works like ‘Goliath (opening title sequence)‘, ‘ASUS‘, ‘Samsung – Next Is Now‘ and many more.

Allison Ponthier

A girl from Texas who made it to New York… that’s the lovely Allison Ponthier! She incorporates her journey of finding herself into her uplifting music and extraterrestrial visuals. For now, let’s enjoy ‘Cowboy’ and we can all look forward to what she has in store! Allison also made it to our 2021 Silver Selection with her ‘Cowboy’ music video, you can check out the full list here.

Music Video of the Week is a segment where we highlight music videos submitted to us and it is separated from the official nominations. Stay tuned for the next week since we’re back on our regular schedule! Reminder: on Thursday, we vote on our IG stories and on Fridays, we’re grooving to the Music Video of the Week.

Authors: Mélissa Fondeur, Petra Molnárová