We are not just another film festival!

The Berlin Music Video Awards 2016 is right around the corner, and we’ll show you that we’re not just another film festival! We can barely get any sleep at all because we’re incredibly excited! We are so blown away by all of the amazing live-shows, DJ- Sets, designers, talented artists, and dynamic activities that will be at Gretchen in just 2 days! The BMVA insomnia will probably last a while. At least until Sunday, when the fantastic festivities sadly come to an end.


Day 1: May 18 (Wednesday)

Day 2: May 19 (Thursday)

Day 3: May 20 (Friday) 

Day 4: May 21 (Saturday)  

This years’ nominees astounded and amazed us over and over again. We’d like to thank everyone who participated from the bottom of our hearts! There are no words to describe how incredible it was to witness the final products of a very passionate creative process. They delighted us with their music videos, and now it’s time they delight you on the big screen! The BMVAs is a celebration of what brings us all together – love for music, film, and music videos!

We wish all of the nominees a lot of luck and, of course, some good times!

To commemorate past award shows, check out this awesome highlights video!

We are not just another film festival via Dailymotion