Filmmakers Cozy Sessions

bmva filmmakers sessions

Day 3 (Friday) May 30 at K17 Club – 16:30 – BMVA Filmmakers Cozy Sessions

Meet and connect with BMVA nominated filmmakers & jury members for a Q&A/ Presentation session.

Limited Seats. Advanced registration required.**

Presentations by:

360º Video from WildVreemd

Dutch Artist collective WildVreemd is exploring the unexplored opportunities of Virtual Reality as a new medium for music videos and invented new ways of addressing the viewer. Virtual Reality has new opportunities in store for artists from various fields to present their work in unseen ways and we’d like to tell you everything about that.

KineMAX 6k Camera Presentation from HD Videoshop

Focus on 6k Camera from Kinefinity: you will see them showing test footage, talk about technical specifications, RAW workflow with 6k footage

Andrew Kovaliov “Knock Knock” video for Brunettes Shoot Blondes

Rob Myers (film editor, jury member)


** Limited seats. Advanced registration required.

For the general public, register to 

For BMVA Nominees, register to