Interview with Daniel Moshel

interview with daniel moshel winner berlin music video awards 2013

We’re bringing you an interview with Daniel Moshel! He is the winner of ‘Best Concept’ and ‘Best Production’ of the BMVA 2013.

Were you happy with the media coverage of last year’s BMVA?

I was pretty amazed by what you guys made happen with the first BMVA. You were engaged in social media, classic media and even TV. We were more than happy with the coverage. So I guess next year’s issue will be on the cover of Time Magazine. 

Did you get any offers after you won?

This is a nice question. I can say that things are moving forward now that we’ve won a dozen awards. I can’t say that my bank account is luckier than before. Bands are asking for videos, though they mostly have no money to spend, and film crews are trying to get in touch with me for doing something awesome. A few very nice French film companies approached me asking for cooperation possibilities. And most importantly, because of the success of MeTube we are going to do a sequel next year.

What else can we do for you or other artists that participate in our competition?

I don’t know. Maybe you can raise a small production budget for a next year’s promo BMVA flick and give it to one of the winners? You get a mutual benefit, right?

If you’ll make a new video this year will you submit it, or do you think that because you’ve already won so it makes no sense? Do you have any new videos coming out soon?

Because of last year’s BMVA I’m in talks now with one of your featured artists for an upcoming video. If they like my concept and we are fast in producing the film we might enter. But I think we won’t make it to the deadline of the BMVA 2014. But maybe in 2015.  It’s not always about winning, it’s about showing the film a team produces to an audience.

What feedback have you received from people around you about the BMVA?

I don’t know about others but my feedback is that your festival has the eye of the tiger other festivals don’t have anymore or never had. I haven’t experienced another festival where you could feel so much passion and love in the production. Starting with the set design, the living room look and feel, the interesting voting & judging system (involving the audience), the standup comedians as moderators, the wonderful receptionists, the beautiful awards and most importantly the captain and his lovely staff. Everything fit perfectly. And no, I’m not saying this because I want to have the next Grand Prix from you.

About one of the most desired categories “Best Concept”:

Video interview with Daniel Moshel via Dailymotion