yseult - music video of the week

It just wouldn’t feel right without the Music Video of the Week. Yseult – Bad Boy is what our lovely IG friends wanted to see, so here we go!

Embracing sensuality, singer-songwriter Yseult delivers a great act to the screens for her tune ‘Bad Boy’ that you chose to be on our MVOTW segment. In front of the camera, she is accompanied by French rapper Ichon, and they form together a powerful couple.

Director Thibaut-Théodore from BIRTH Productions succeeded in capturing a great physical and emotional performance of his two ‘actors’, usually more used to express their feelings through poetry. This video solicits all senses in a blazing fire of romance. It embodies the surrender of the self, whether it is for love or an artistic purpose. Yseult shows us sensitivity and does not hesitate to get her feelings as well as her skin exposed to the public.

The music video was made with the help of David Foulkes for the direction of photography and producer Reda Ait. 

Her song is available on her own label Y.Y.Y.

Yseult – Bad Boy via Vimeo

BIRTH Productions

”We give birth to strong ideas!” is how the BIRTH Productions introduce themselves and we are loving it. With offices in Paris, Algiers and London, this production company is behind several commercials, short films and of course, music videos. Just to name a few, you may have come across their Tinder, Hermès commercials, or Lose Your Head (London Grammar) music video. Some of the talents working under the BIRTH roof include Alex Nazari, Gmunk, Temple Caché or Vincent Rodella. Go check out their stuff, it’ll certainly knock your socks off.

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Authors: Mélissa Fondeur & Petra Molnárová