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This Sunday, we gather a round of applause for the talented European production companies serving us aesthetic delights and moving content!

With the start of February, the Berlin Music Video Awards announced TENQ, a segment celebrating ten quality music videos each week, in order to thank… you! Our valuable network, for your trust beyond borders, color, race, language, or any music genre!

As we get cozy to celebrate our 10th anniversary next year, we take out the time to appreciate the storytellers behind-the-scene(s)! In this third segment of TENQ, we get ready to dive into 10 past nominees, presenting not only a compelling narrative but revealing in many ways, the magic of genius production! So, let’s get right into it.

ICONOCLAST: DJ Snake – Magenta Riddim

To begin with, the team at Iconoclast knows how to bring EDM into the cinematic view! As with Dj Snake’s most visual journeys, ‘Magenta Riddim’ also pushes the audience to experience a sweeping urgency to dance. This time, all the way across in India, like a Bollywood blockbuster! The production effortlessly helps us groove to culture and comic absurdity. Nominated for Best Concept in 2019, the due credit goes to Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia.

DJ Snake – Magenta Riddim via Youtube

RATTLING STICK: Massive Attack feat. Ghost Poet – Come Near Me

Secondly, we have a visual journey portraying gently, yet suspensefully, an erupting emotional turmoil within. The production, alongside the applaudable direction, effortlessly helps us enter anxiety, fear, and loss, all in one long walk to the sea. The cinematography makes vivid the darker undertones of life. Best Director 2017 nominee was directed by Ed Morris, with production from Rattling Stick.

Massive Attack feat. Ghost Poet – Come Near Me via Dailymotion


“…the end of innocence.” That is how Loïc Andrieu, the director, explains the catastrophe that artistically unfolds in ‘The End’! The music video depicts a cinematographic mood of adolescent angst and takes away the viewer into an unexpected reality. By all means, ‘The End’ is an exciting display of a designed universe, sweeping us off our feet! It received a nomination for Best Director in 2018. The production company behind ‘The End’ is Soldats Films.

KCPK – The End via Dailymotion

BECAUSE MUSIC: Kekra – Putain de Salaire

Does capitalism ever make you want to electrify your fists, jump into trucks, and save all from the evil men? Not without the right VFX effects! Next up is our 2020 Best VFX nominee from a French rap duo, Kekra. Jonathan Lagache, the man behind the superpowers, has also worked with industry giants like The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, and U2. The action-packed music video is nothing short of exciting, made possible with production from Because Music!

Kekra – Putain de Salaire via Dailymotion

PRETTYBIRD: M.I.A – Double Bubble Trouble

If you’ve heard M.I.A, you surely know of her politically strong visual language. Directed by M.I.A herself, ‘Double Bubble Trouble’ is filled with subliminal messages, revealing the many aspects of society that are overpowering morality. Nominated, and rightfully so, for Best Production in 2015, this music video with Prettybird Productions will surely move you!

M.I.A – Double Bubble Trouble via Dailymotion

HK CORP.: Roméo Elvis – Chocolat

Furthermore, we have a fun video, layering the hip-hop beats of Roméo, with an underlying message to minimize drug use. A 2020 nominee for Best Art Director, ‘Chocolat’ takes a modern twist on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It takes us through settings that look nearly fantastical! The credit goes to Stan Maertens, the art director, and the production from HK Corp. This video certainly shows the art of storytelling!

Roméo Elvis – Chocolat via Dailymotion

RSA FILMS: Famous Eno feat. Alexx A-Game – Gangsters

Nominated for Best Director in 2017, the music video is a gripping narrative, not hesitant to outline a recurring societal issue – police corruption. As a matter of fact, Jamie Delaney, the director from RSA Films, sets the scene in South East London, with hints of dark comedy!

Famous Eno feat. Alexx A-Game – Gangsters via Dailymotion

EASYdoesit: Haftbefehl – Ihr Hurensöhne / Saudi Arabi Money Rich

‘Saudi Arabi Money Rich’ appears to be directed as a satirical outlook on the conflicting lifestyles of bragging, extravagant Saudis. Or at least, the immodest ones. The music video intelligently uses exaggerated, and appropriate, artistic direction to portray this message. With a nomination in 2015 for Best Art Direction, the credit goes to the art department, with Eugenio Perazzo, Andreas Hofstetter, and Bastian Wienecke. The director of this one is Chehad Abdallah! The production company behind it all is EASYdoesit.

Haftbefehl – Ihr Hurensöhne / Saudi Arabi Money Rich via Dailymotion

SOMESUCH: Frank Ocean – Nikes

Next up, we have ‘Nikes’ – a downright montage of realness, acceptance, and what makes us human. This visual kaleidoscope of moments and characters, laughing, crying, connecting, failing, and celebrating themselves, received a nomination for Best Concept in 2017. Directed by Tyrone Lebon, with production from Somesuch, ‘Nikes’ finds more than just one way to steal our hearts!

Frank Ocean – Nikes via Dailymotion

LONDON ALLEY: Indochine – Station 13

Last, but not least, we end our list with ‘Station 13’. A raw portrayal of vicious, racial suppression and an emotionally tearing account of a riot. The black and white cinematography gives an eye-opening glance into systemic ignorance and the still present prejudice. This one also takes away the nominee for Best Concept, in 2019. Directed by Bouha Kazmi, the video is a reflection of our own reality. We certainly can’t forget to mention the amazing production company behind the scene, London Alley.

Indochine – Station 13 via Dailymotion

And… that is a wrap! Berlin Music Video Awards stands as a vessel for artists and their art, working tirelessly on having artistic expression appreciated and available for all. This week’s selections not only represent imagination and creativity at their best but also value the teams making it possible. So stay tuned for more – you will be surprised what the geniuses are all up to!

In case you, too, have a visual treat to submit, don’t be shy! The late deadline is on the 15th of March, 2021. With this in mind, send your works in time over here! See you next week!

Author: Janat Sohail Aziz | Editor: Petra Molnárová