New category – BEST SONG COVER

Best Song Cover Berlin Music Video Awards new category

Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly, Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, Alessia Cara… all these names sound very familiar, right? Well, they have one thing in common – all of them were posting videos of them singing covers in their rooms and now they’re selling out arenas and topping the charts.

It’s hard to make it in the music industry, we know. You may not have the budget or contacts yet, but the talent is definitely there. So, we thought of providing a platform for the talents that are still waiting to be discovered. That’s why we decided to include a new category to the Berlin Music Video Awards – Best Song Cover!

What do you have to do in order to apply?

Here’s how it works. You send us a video of you singing a cover. Whether it’s HD or potato quality, 30 seconds or 3 minutes; none of that matters. We only care about your voice, how you present yourself and your talent.

How is it different from other categories?

The winner of the Best Song Cover category won’t compete against other entries for the Best Music Video. On the other hand, they will be flown to Berlin to take part in the festival and perform live on stage at the Berlin Music Video Awards in June 2021 (yes, from wherever you are, don’t worry, we’ll get you here)!

By the way, if you actually have a music video, or plan to film one, you are more than welcome to submit it to other categories as well!

We’ve had cover submissions before!

Just to give you some idea how covers did in the past editions of the Berlin Music Video Awards, here are some examples of our past nominees:

Sala & The Strange Sounds ft. Mayte Mateos of Baccara – Yes Sir I Can Boogie

Marilyn Manson – God’s Gonna Cut You Down (Best Cinematography)

August Schram – MeTube (Best Concept)

Roanoke – Principles of Geometry (Best Experimental)

Nude Poetry – Strangers in the Night II (Best Art Director)

Are you ready to take on this chance? You’re just one click away: SUBMIT HERE.