Thursday, June 13th
Experimental Culture Day

Screening Schedule:
Room 1 (Main Stage):
16:30 Doors open
17:30 Screenings and awards for Best Low Budget
18:30 Screenings and awards for Best Experimental
19:30 Break
20:00 Screenings and awards for Best Editor
21:00 Break
21:30 Screenings and awards for Most Bizarre
22:30 Screenings and awards for Most Trashy
00:00 End of DAY 2
Room 2 (BOX 2):
17:30 Stage Talk – AI Summit 2.0:
AI in Music Videos With The Dor Brothers and Nominees who used AI
This year, as part of the ”Experimental Culture Day ”, we will host our second AI Summit. The discussion will focus on the impact of AI on the creative process in music videos, balancing artistic vision with AI capabilities, ethical considerations in using AI-generated content, and the incredible potential of the technology. As well, the panel will discuss the impact of “Sora” on the industry.
Special Guests: The Dor Brothers, Christian Fleischer, Martin Haerlin, Thibaut Leroy, and Marie Castéra from Temple Caché. 
19:00 The Silver Screenings – Part 1
19:30 Networking activity: The Elevator Pitch – speed introduction – B2B – Sign Up!
20:00 The Silver Screenings – Part 2
Dress Code Theme: Freaky, Kinky, Bizarre. 

Age limit: 18+

Indoor live shows:

Malina Scar

Open-air shows:

AI-generated Photo exhibition by the Dor Borthers:
Dor Brothers
The Tatoo Competition:
Tatoo competition

Meet your Hosts:

Bianca Radoslav