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BIMM Berlin (British Irish Modern Music insitute) is a institute for modern music studies that has now two locations in Germany: Berlin and Hamburg. In this institute for higher education, students from all around the world learn performance, songwriting, production and music business. BIMM is recognized for its    network throughout the music scene and the opportunities that has for their students. ‘Your music career starts here’ – BIMM Berlin
 Ucon Acrobatics brings minimalistic design to these innovative backpacks for every ocassion. These waterproof designs come in different colors and prints – ‘sophisticated fabrication, technical know-how and open-minded philosophy’. Ucon Acrobatics. Balance and agility in everyday life.
PEOPEO makes every party better. The company which means “bird” invites everyone to have unique sound experiences with the freedom of place. Outside, inside, moving, still, this eco-friendly speaker backpack puts everything on the table for a good time.  

Other Nature is a woman-owned, feminist, trans- and queer-oriented, sex-positive, eco-friendly, vegan sex shop and bookstore in Kreuzberg. All genders welcome! A refreshing alternative to mainstream sex shops and big business capitalism.




SpinnUp is a digital music distributor like no other: the service offers you the easiest and most interesting way to get music on all important platforms (like Spotify and iTunes). But not only that: SpinnUp also works with a team of talent scouts that often discover new talents and pitch them to Universal Music. From contructive feedback to a record deal – SpinnUp is a perfect platform for new talents from all genres.



Moxy Hotels is a young refreshing hotel branch. Located all over Europe, Asia and the USA, Moxy is always on top of its design game, but keeps the prices low. This combination makes a stay at Moxy perfect for the well-traveled amongst us.




Stone Brewing is a small-farm organic artisanal beer company. They take responsibility for the environment and put priority on food culture and quality ingredients. ‘more, and better… choices beyond the world of industrial beer’ – Stone Brewing




Gigmit is Europe’s largest database with gigs and artists making the booking process easier for artists as well as promoters. As soon as a gig is posted on the website, artists can apply to play and the promoter can get in touch with them. By using the current technological developments and Gigmit makes the first step towards the new age of booking.


25p is a equipment-rent company based in Berlin. They are always with the latest trends and innovations in equipment. Their philosophy: ‘A good film needs a good plan, and this way, the best equipment’





Classic Depot Berlin gives our winners the best entrance to the event! The vintage cars of this rental company always bring the best atmosphere to the BMVAs right outside our doors.


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The online magazine Berliner Filmfestivals covers Berlin’s unique world of film festivals with annually more than 60 festivals.