It’s Friday and that means only one thing – Music Video of the Week! People of Instagram have spoken and this time, France is taking over the MVOTW segment with *drumroll*


Lulu Van Trapp – Brazil!


Bloody great work by director Lucie Bourdeu, who submitted this music video to us! ‘Brazil’ will take you on a black & white adventure that starts with a simple nosebleed… and then it gets wild. The team involved in the making of this music video: DoP – Kevin Avedissian, VFX by Nicolas Topor, production company: Grizzly, label: Backdoor Records. Check it out, it will be hard to resist bobbing your head to the rhythm, don’t say we didn’t warn you!



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We are keeping up with this week’s bizarre theme for the Music Video of the Week and here is the amazing music video people chose on our social media:


Parlor Walls – Game!


This horror-like piece was directed by Alyse Lamb, who is also starring in the video together with Andrya Ambro. Shot by Emma McDonald and edited by Chris Mulligan, ‘Game’ is giving us beautifully scary visuals representing the dangers of society’s beauty standards. Definitely worth the watch!



Production company: Famous Swords


Music Video of the Week is a very pleasant ‘distraction’ and also a way to highlight the great work that is being sent to us before the official nominations for BMVAs 2021 are announced! If you worked on a music video, don’t hesitate to send it our way! SUBMIT HERE

New year, new music videos!
After last week’s break, we’re back with the Music Video of the Week segment! So, let’s celebrate the first day od 2021 with:
Zach Zoya – Slurpee!
Today, we’re presenting you this amazing music video that people chose on our social media. Hats off to Le Ged, the director of this one! ‘Slurpee’ may not cure a hangover, but it will make your day for sure!

This music video was produced by Disques 7ieme Ciel, VFX by OUTPOST, edited by Lisa Bartoux, art direction by Catherine K. Pelletier, production company: CONSULAT X CUZ.
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