Fridays are reserved for the Music Video Of The Week here at the Berlin Music Video Awards and we are happy to present you the winner of this week’s round:




The people of the social media sphere have spoken and picked this incredible piece as the MVOTW. The music video’s director Will Dohrn and production company Ground Work did such a fantastic job telling a compelling and painful story through just a hand. That’s right! (no pun intended)


We salute the editing of this one! Just take a look for yourself:



There are still few months left until the official Berlin Music Video Awards nominations are announced. In the meantime, we are treating you with our Music Video Of The Week segment. Share your art with us and the world right here – next week, it might be your video!

It’s the Music Video Of The Week again and this time we have the legendary DJ Pone with “1978”. Great track and amazing video that was submitted to us by Quad Production. The video was directed by Tibz & Ferratche.  


Fantastic VFX and editing that sits perfectly on the beat!


The MVOFTW is a new segment that we have in order to give more visibility to fresh videos that are submitted to us. It is separated from the actual awards nominations that will be announced in February-march 2021.



Check out the making of the video as well:



DJ Pone “1978” – Creative Process from Tibz & Ferratche on Vimeo.

To close the week of with a banger, here is Music Video of the Week vol. IIII!

This week, in particular is special because we got the help of our network in choosing the winner! We would like to present; 





This video reminded us how lucky we are to be in one of the coolest cities in the whole world. The video captured the effortlessly cool energy of Berlin through movement, A-Class cinematography, and stellar direction. The song elevated this piece as a whole, and it truly makes us proud of our home city. Very well done to Klaus Layer, Director Dominik Galizia for making our week! 

If you think your team has what it takes, make sure to share it with us for our 9th edition of the Berlin Music Video Awards; We hope to hear from you soon, the deadline is on the 15th of November!