Berlin Music Video Awards 2015 – Set 7 Official… by berlinmusicvideoawards



Ed Morris | Rattling Stick

for “River” by Ibeyi

XL Recordings


Dent de Cuir | Premiere Heure

for “She’s Bad” by DyE ft. Egyptian Lover

Tigersushi Records


Bear Damen

for “Find Yourself” by Jacco Gardner

Polyvinyl Records | Excelsior Records


VHS | Phantasm

for “Seahorses” by Villanova



Valentina Avayu

for “Clean Me Up” by Jez Dior

Steel Wool


Mamiko Kushida

for “Dystopia” by ZZZ’s


Specter Berlin | Easy Does It

for “Bild im Fleisch” by Real Geizt & Splidttercrist

Rumhäng Rekordz


Bob Gallagher

for “Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage” by Girl Band

Rough Trade


Nash Edgerton | The Directors Bureau

for “The Night We Called It A Day” by Bob Dylan



Jack Whiteley | Rattling Stick

for “Black and White” by The Staves

Atlantic Records

Berlin Music Video Awards 2015 – Set 6 Official… by berlinmusicvideoawards


Stanislaw Gurenko | Red Glass Production

for “Rave 666” by Dead Boys Girlfriend


Grégoire Orio & Grégoire Couvert | As Human Pattern / Sorry We Are Open

for “Cause & Cure” by Mondkopf

In Paradisum


Robin Lochmann

for “Let Me” by Robot Koch ft. Curtain Blue & Born in Flamez

Monkeytown Records


Péter Vácz | Picasso Pictures

for “All I’m Saying” by James


Gerardo Yllera | Dosoulna Productions

for “Otra Fiesta” by Alamedadosoulna


Yann Gonzalez | Excuse My French (Premiere Heure)

for “Les Vacances Continuent” by Perez



William Colvin

for “Object of My Affection” by Hedge Fund


Anastasiya Shulgina | GLUT Production

for “Never Trust” by M!R!M

Fabrika Records


Sherwin Akbarzadeh

for “Can’t Control My Love” by Total Giovanni

Two Bright Lakes


Konrad Hirsch | Schamoni Film

for “Erstschlag” by Steril

Schamoni Musik

Berlin Music Video Awards 2015 – Set 5 Official… by berlinmusicvideoawards


Stian Andersen | Creo K4

for “Skulls” by Röyksopp

Dog Triumph (Interscope Records)


Jérémie Rozan | Iconoclast

for “Us” by Brodinski ft. Bloody Jay

Bromance | Savoir Faire


Arnaud Deroudilhe & Dessil Basmadjian | Bermudes | Abel14

for “All in All” by Golf

Beaucoup Music


Alexey Terehoff | Cosmos Film

for “Warriors of Light” by Lyapis Trubetskoy


Alex & Niko | Cotone Productions

for “I’m a Man” by Nasser

Washi Washa


Torsten Lang & Larissa Blau

for “Time In-Depth” by Excessive Visage


Hiro Murai | Doomsday Entertainment

for “Never Catch Me” by Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar

Warp Records


Marek Partyš

for “Nipomo” by DVA

Label Home Table | Northern Spy Records



for “Coming Up for Air” by Philip Selway

Bella Union


Pierre-Alexandre Girard | DTO Films

for “Crave | Petite Mort” by Dear Criminals