Selection of Berlin Music Video Awards in press

Anett Gombos (2)

This is a selection of some of the articles that have been published about the Berlin Music Video Awards and their nominees over the past years. To see a list of all articles from the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 click here.


German 09/01/2017
English  Videostatic 07/03/2017
Portuguese Rua de Baixo 03/05/2017
Turkish Bant Magazine 01/02/2016
Dutch Telegraaf 18/05/2016
English Little Black Book 03/07/2016
English Festival Reviews 12/02/2016
English Kaltblut Magazine 22/12/2016
Italian Il Mitte 28/01/2015 
German Berliner Filmfestivals 25/05/2015 
French Brain Magazine 16/05/2015
German Kunstleben Berlin 01/06/2015
English The British Berliner 06/07/2015
Spanish Say Say  13/01/2014
German Berlin Inspiriert 24/02/2014
German Musik Express 29/05/2014
English The Skinny 05/06/2014
English The British Berliner 16/06/2014
English Station To Station 12/07/2014
German Videoaktiv 10/03/2013
German Rolling Stone 23/04/2013
French Berlin Poche 04/12/2013