Camera Workshop provided by RED Digital Cinema

Day 2 (Thursday) May 29

14:00 – 18:00 Camera Workshop provided by  RED Digital Cinema

Registration required (Max 40 people)** 

RED Camera Workshop


– Basic operation and philosophy of RED DSMC cameras
– Camera set-up, optional modules and mounting parts/ accessories
– Lenses and Lens Mounts
– Basic setting and menu structure
– Tools for optimal exposure and footage
– Working in different lighting situations
– Tips and Tricks

– Workflow

– Post-production editing of footage in RED Cine-X
– Post-production editing of files using third-party software (i.e. Adobe, Avid, Final Cut)

– Hands-on



The workshop will be conducted in English.

**Limited seats. Advanced registration required.

For visitors, register to

(No extra ticket price just for workshop. To join, please purchase at least a Day Ticket here.


Free for BMVA Nominees, register to



GERMAN VERSION for workshop details:

– Grundlegende Arbeitweise und Philosophie der RED DSMC Kameras

– Aufbau der Kameras, optionale Module und Anbauteile

– Objektive und Wechselmounts

– Grundeinstellung und Menustruktur

– Tools für die optimale Belichtung und Aufnahme

– Arbeiten in verschiedenen Lichtsituationen

– Tipps und Tricks

– Workflow

– Bearbeiten der Aufnahmen in RED Cine-X

– Bearbeiten der Dateien in Drittanbietersoftware (Adobe, Avid, FinalCut…)

– Hands-On

Red Digital Camera