We have just published our event on social media platforms: from now on you can find out more information about Berlin Music Video Awards’ 5th edition also on our Facebook event here. We will soon provide more news about live shows, dj-sets, and special activities that will take place during the event.

Berlin Music Video Awards: Nominees 2017 – 3rd… von berlinmusicvideoawards

This time we have a bit more action but we promise to show you some more experimental and low budget videos in the next rounds!
The regular deadline has passed and we are happy to announce the third 10 nominees for 2017.
There will be 133 nominees in total, so don’t worry if your video is not yet among our nominees until now!
To those who haven’t submitted their videos yet: you still have a little over a month to submit your music videos!
The late deadline is on March 15.

Artist/Song: HYENAZ – Binaries
Director: HYENAZ
DoP: Robert Mleczko
Editor: HYENAZ (Kathryn Fischer & Adrienne Teicher)
Art Director: Yeorg Kronnagel
Artist/Song: Jamie xx – Gosh
Label: Young Turks
Production Company: Iconoclast.tv
Director: Romain Gavras
DoP: Mattias Rudh
Artist/Song: Skrillex & Wiwek – Killa Ft. Elliphant (Still In The Cage)
Label: OWSLA
Production Company: Vision Films – Colossale Films
Director: Jonathan Desbiens | Jodeb
DoP: Kristof Brandl
Editor: Jonathan Desbiens | Jodeb
Art Director: Vuthinan Duriyapraneet
Artist/Song: Silent Strike – It’s Not Safe To Turn Off Your Computer (Feat. Em)
Director: Florina Titz
DoP: Max Moore
Art Director: Florina Titz
Artist/Song: BANKS – Trainwreck
Label: Capitol Records
Production Company: Cadence Films
Director: Marie Schuller
DoP: Isaac Bauman
Art Director: Joel Horowitz
Artist/Song: BEMY – Oxygen
Label: Universal Music Polska
Production Company: Universal – Instant Something & Events
Director: Mitja Okorn
DoP: Vladan G. Jancovic
Editor: Jan Belcl
Art Director: Mitja Okorn
Artist/Song: The Weeknd – False Alarm
Label: Universal – Republic Records In Association With Intel
Production Company: Great Guns
Director: Ilya Naishuller
DoP: Starr Whitsides
Editor: James Demetriou & Vlad Kaptur
Art Director: Laurent Turlure
Artist/Song: Captains – Heavy Metal Works
Production Company: Inlight
Director: Amar Hernández
DoP: Daniel Meré
Editor: Amar Hernández
Art Director: Lucia Outeda
Artist/Song: Therr Maitz – My Love Is Like
Label: Therr Maitz
Production Company: Hype Production
Director: Timofey Kolesnikov & Sergey Minadze
DoP: Maxim Zhukov
Editor: Vladislav Yakunin
Art Director: Dmitriy Onishenko
Artist/Song: Papillon Rising – High Upon High
Label: Superhero Music
Director: Andy Long
DoP: Andy Long & Markus Ketterer
Editor: Andy Long & Markus Ketterer
Art Director: Andy Long & Markus Ketterer

Berlin Music Video Awards: Nominees 2017 – 2nd… by berlinmusicvideoawards

Ladies & Gentlemen… the second 10 nominees (out of 133) for 2017 are out!
Don’t worry if your video wasn’t listed… there are 11 more announcements to come in the next few months. If you missed the deadline, there’s still time to submit your music videos and/or add more categories to compete in.

Don’t forget to tag your friends and colleagues… not only those who were involved in the making of the video, but also those who have their own stuff to submit.


Artist/Song: Han Han X DATU X HATAW – World Gong Crazy
Production Company: Romeo Candido
Director: Romeo Candido
DoP: Rich Liani
Editor: Alexander Junior & Romeo Candido
Art Director: Jodinand Villaflores Aguillon
Artist/Song: RYSY – Father
Label: U Know Me Records
Production Company: Flota Filmowa / Chimney Poland
Director: Martyna Iwańska Director
DoP: Patrik Kin
Art Director: Martyna Iwańska
Artist/Song: Klingande ft. M-22 – Somewhere New
Label: Ultra Music
Production Company: At Night Studios
Director: Måns Nyman
Artist/Song: Hila The Killa – Body Hair
Production Company: Sir KN8
Director: Hila Perry
DoP: Arina Bleiman
Art Director: Ashley Lehrer
Artist/Song: Les Castizos ft. Aly Eckmann – Get Over It
Production Company: Modular
Director: David Triviño
Artist/Song: Apashe ft. Kandle – Fuck Boy
Production Company: RITA FILMS
Director: Jérôme de Gerlache – Film Director
DoP: Olivier Guerbois
Editor: Nicolas Capus
Art Director: Celine Diano
Artist/Song: Jumo – Nomade
Label: Nowadays Records
Production Company: Meskaprod & Nowadays Records
Director: Meskaprod
Artist/Song: Hinds – Warts
Label: Mom + Pop Music & LUCKY NUMBER MUSIC / Sony (Japan)
Production Company: Colonel Blimp X CANADA
Director: Pedro Martín-Calero
DoP: Oriol Barcelona
Editor: Sacha Szwarc
Art Director: Jose Tirado
Artist/Song: Maxim – Willkommen Im Klub
Production Company: EASYdoesit
Director: Mario Clement
DoP: Phillip Kaminiak
Editor: Farid Martin
Art Director: Geraldine Arnold
Artist/Song: Peder – Shadows Of My Mind
Label: Fake Diamond / Ubiquity Records / Sony
Production Company: Gummo & Lizardshakedown
Director: Peter Harton
DoP: Kasper Tuxen DFF
Editor: Peter Brandt