Music Video of the Week and Fridays just go together, so here we are with another selection, devoted to animation. We put up two spectacular music videos, but the one people picked on our social media is:


Chelou – Wayward!


Ready for this one to take you on a trip? (what kind of trip, well, that’s on you)



The colours, the story, the music and of course, the animation – hats off to that! Cheng-Hsu Chung (animation, direction), Ricardo Cavolo (illustration), Dal Park (animation, colouring) & Dimitris Armenakis (animation) did a fantastic job on the visuals in this one. ‘Wayward’ by Chelou is a tune that will put you in a chill mode for the weekend, it’s almost therapeutic.


Remember, this segment is separated from the official nominations, which will come in early 2021. We love having people involved in helping us select the Music Video of the Week in order to celebrate various artists and creators that submitted their work to us. Keep those music videos coming, SUBMIT HERE!