This year we have opened a special new category! We invite you to experience working with the
VEGAS Pro editing software. Download the free version of this software, create a music video
and send it to us!


The best music video (made on the VEGAS Pro software) will win 1000€ and a full version of the program (worth 600 Euros).

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place will all win the full version of VEGAS Pro 14 as well.

Participation in this specific category is free and will reward you with free festival tickets (no matter if you win or not). 


So what are you waiting for? Download the free program trial now and start working on your new music video!


BerlinMVA – VEGAS Pro Competition

1. Download the Vegas Pro 30-days test version to your device.

2. shoot cool videos & edit them using the Vegas Pro software (up to 5 min)

3. send us the Video via WeTransfer with the “.veg file” ending

*to assure, you edited it with VEGAS Pro

4. send us an email with the submission form and with the link to your video to:

5. videos can be submitted until 01/05/2017


General Rules:

Music videos must not be longer than 5:00 minutes.

The submitter grants Berlin Music Video Awards the non-exclusive rights to reproduce the video or part of the video and to showcase  the video for the purposes of the festival or its promotion.

All information posted by Berlin Music Video Awards is subject to change without prior notice.

Berlin Music Video Awards are not responsible for clearing publishing, performance or other rights for the music videos it screens or promotes on its site or at the festival.



The VEGAS Pro category winner will win the 1000 Euros (incl. 19% VAT) & VIP entrance.

Prize 1-5 out of the competition will win exclusively a copy of VEGAS Pro 14 provided by MAGIX

The winner will be filmed and interviewed during the event, regarding his winning and participation in the competition.

Additional details and full guidelines can be found in the submission form .


* In order to win, the the winner must attend or send a representative.


*If you are an editor or a filmmaker and look for music or bands in order to participate, contact us directly:
We will connect you with bands/ musicians & provide you with music for the competition.