Media collaborators may be given the exclusive opportunity to interview Aviel Silook, founder and producer of the Awards. Journalists might also be given the opportunity to have interviews with some members of the jury panel, guests of honours, performers and even some of the nominees.


Should you need any information or assistance regarding the accreditation process or the event itself, please feel free to contact us at: (info[at]


For journalists, press photographers, TV/Radio crews looking to get accredited, please send us the completed accreditation form before May 10th, 2019 at: (info[at] Accreditation form: BMVAs Media Accreditation Form 2019


Photos may be used free of charge and without permissions or fees. Please indicate the source in the following way: Berlin Music Video Awards/ name of photographer.


Press Kit: English


Images for press: Dropbox or 2018’s photos could be found here as well (if you need a better resolution just contact us): Facebook Gallery


This is a selection of articles. To see a list of all articles from the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 click here.


Winners of 2018 


German Indie Berlin 09/05/2018
English Your EDM 25/05/2018
Russian Daily Afisha 29/05/2018
Italian Wired 04/02/2018
German RBB  25/05/2018
Polish Hip Hop  05/04/2018
German 06/03/2018 
Russian Intermedia 16/02/2018
Swedish Festival Rykten  14/04/2018
Austrian Music Austria 12/02/2018
English Berliner Woche 23/03/2018


German Kaltblut Magazine  
English iDN Magazine 22/02/17
English Gorilla Vs Bear 05/04/17
Swedish Dopest 31/03/17
Russian Efti 24/03/17
German Piqd 22/05/17
French On Mag 13/04/17


Russian Berlin Visual 06/08/2016
Spanish Berlin Amateurs 05/25/2016
French Vivre a Berlin 05/20/2016
Dutch Telegraaf 05/18/2016
German Berliner Morgenpost 05/09/2016
English The Jerusalem Post 05/03/2016
German 21/23/2015


English Artconnect 2/27/2015
English Kalblut Magazine 3/27/2015
English The British Berliner 6/6/2015
English Video Interview with Aviel Silook 6/11/2015
German/English Alex TV 6/21/2015
German Berliner Filmfestivals 5/27/2015
French Now Playing Mag 2/3/2015
French Brain 1/10/2015
Spanish Berlinfree 5/15/2015
Spanish Old Town Magazine 5/18/2015
Spanish Videodromo 2/24/2015
Spanish berlin amateurs 6/1/2015
Italian Ill Mitte 1/28/2015
Italian Rock Rebel Magazine 3/20/2015
Ukraine In DaRock 12/6/2014
Ukraine Hromadske TV 12/7/2014
Greek Beater 1/16/2015
Hungarian Viharock 3/10/2015
Hungarian SoundHead 3/16/2015


English The British Berliner 6/16/2014
English Station to Station 7/12/2014
German/English Alex TV 6/13/2014
German Musikexpress 5/29/2014
German Berlininspiriert 2/24/2014
German BLN FM 3/19/2014
French Le Petit Journal 5/27/2014
Spanish Say Say Blog 1/13/2014
Spanish Hemisferio Boreal 3/25/2014
Italian Ill Mitte 1/14/2014


English Local Suicide 4/16/2013
English Your Music Radar 4/21/2013
English Ex Berliner 4/22/2013
English Berlinarte 4/24/2013
German/English Alex TV 5/14/2013
German Pop 10 2/26/2013
German musicism & cinelove online communication 4/4/2013
German BLN FM 4/16/2013
German Rolling Stone Magazine 4/23/2013
German Berliner Zeitung 4/23/2013
German Berlin Poche 4/24/2013
German The Greatest 4/30/2013
Hungarian Langologitarok 4/8/2013